Jackpot In The West Productions was started by Kristopher Rey-Talley and consists of himself,  Sam Wootton, and Alex Camilleri. They are an independent filmmaking collective focused on bringing new media opportunities to a wide array of clients. With their backgrounds in producing, cinematography, documentary and music videos, they offer a variety of styles and easily adapt from project to project. The three are all capable of directing and editing in their own right, allowing different approaches and formats based on the project. 

Though the name (based on Rey-Talley's love of Western lore and cinema) suggests otherwise, the company is East Coast based and splits its time between New York City and Chicago. Their roots are in music videos and documentary, and since then they have evolved to tackle commercial projects of any size and budget. Clientele is diverse, ranging from Chanel, Vogue, Cricket Wireless, Diesel, and EMI Records. 

The tres hombres recently opened up an office in Manhattan and acquired a Red Scarlet camera kit. High or low budget, they strive to bring the utmost quality and creativity to their projects. Kris is the team's producer, manager, and hustler,  but comes from a background of cinematography and directing. Sam is the rock, the steadiest hands in the East, and brings his chameleonic style to his cinematography. Alex is the groups gentleman scholar, serving often times as a director and editor. He won an award at Cannes for a documentary he produced while in film school. 

Got a question? We'd love to hear it, and are down to shoot, chat or grab a coffee. 

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